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At E-Cig City Smoke and Vape, we believe that every customer gets better results when we focus on specific customer needs. This is why our vape shop specializes in E Cigarettes and vape products. If you're looking for a healthier option for smoking, we are sure to have it.

A vape, or vaporizer, is an alternative to smoking. Using electronic cigarettes require e liquid, which is a liquid form of nicotine, to help operate its function as a cigarette alternative. The effect is similar to smoking, but it cuts down on particulate matter that is produced during combustion.

There's a wide variety of new and established tobacco alternatives, each with its own unique character. As a vape shop, we carry an extensive selection of e cigarettes and e juice in many flavors. We have vape accessories available for those new to the scene.

If you're looking for a vape mod, atomizers, and more, we're here for you. Our staff will be happy to assist you at our vape shop! To learn more about the products we offer, visit E-Cig City Smoke and Vape in Palm Desert, CA today!

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